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We do no longer sell the miniatures from our website, but the entire range is available with our partner fredericus-rex. Here you can find all the four different ranges and buy using creditcards or PAYPAL. You can find some of the products at this website and buy direct at Fredericus-Rex or use the links below to see the entire range of miniatures in the different cathegories.
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This is our oldest and absolutely widest range of figures, here you will find anything form a medieval hunting party, lady godiva, medieval civilians, ship crews, acrobats and much much more
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Also known as the museum quality range which does say it all. This series has a focus on the military aspects of medieval life
The series is new and it will focus on different accessory sets like swords, shields, helmets etc.
The series has a few sets of figures which offer such titles as the old vintage figures, the plunder set and much more
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This is our scenery range which is build up around a modular castle system which gives the collectors maximum flexibity in order to build a small or large medieval castle.
medieval tent model, 25mm medieval tent, tent, model tent
This is the newest addition to our range and it is production on demand. You can order the models at and you just make an account, add the models wanted to your basket and a week or two later you will recieve your miniatures by DHL.
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