we have a great passion for 1/72 scale medieval miniatures...
To describe our passion for figures and our quality I have a qoute from the new book "The one inch ArmyII" with info on more then 850 manufacturers. They did write"Valdemar is a Danish manufacturer of extremely high detail 1:72 miniatures" and "Their sculpting and moulding ability is one of the highest, if not THE highest in the small scale..."

We are the number 1 suplier of 1/72 scale medieval high quality miniatures. If you have never helt any of our figures in your hands you most likely have not experienced the difference between traditional 1/72 scale figures and ValdemarMiniatures yet. We have been in the market for several years and do supply a large range of different medieval sets from the different military orders, to civilians, to ships crews to... We have from the beginning been focusing exclusively in the medieval period and been working with some of the best sculpturers available. Many of our sets are inspired by work from larger scales like 54mm or by the many books on medieval subjects.
All figures are all based on masters sculptured 1:1, so every master on the website are just 25mm tall.
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Besides the medieval figures we have small range of scenery made from high quality resin and also we have been experimenting with new technologies like 3D modelling and printing.
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Valdemar & Alex
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