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We are a very small company which focuses on the medieval period, especially the Crusades and the many events that occured at this time. We produce a wide range of extremely high detailed medieval sets in 25mm, perfectly sculpted to the highest standards and compatible with traditional 1/72 scale plastic sets. Our mission is to produce the most inspiring miniatures for the collector and the ambitious wargamer who needs the absolute best, we do not know the word compromise.

To describe our passion for figures and our quality I have a qoute from the new book "The one inch ArmyII" with info on more then 850 manufacturers. They did write"Valdemar is a Danish manufacturer of extremely high detail 1:72 miniatures" and "Their sculpting and moulding ability is one of the highest, if not THE highest in the small scale..."
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20. DECEMBER 2017
Dear all, been a long time since last update, this is primarily due to the fact that most news has been on the forum, but soon more news will be added to this website. But also lots of new sets has been released, please see:
Lots of new sets have been released since the last update, lots of new sets are in the makening and new sets will be released soon, at the same time the number of ship models grow fast. New sets sculptured by Alex Goussev, Alan Ball and Dmitry have been released and also the fleet is growing at the new website And also again I will recommend that you take a look at the forum... lots of new stuff!!!


perfectly sculptured AMAZING 25 mmmedieval miniatures in EXTREME QUALITY... quality miniatures in your hands


Medieval hospitaller knights, simon modrow, medieval figures


At the forum you can share your work, see other collectors work, watch and comment on future sets and much much more...
Medieval hospitaller knight, old knight, medieval figures, medieval miniatures


Here you can work by different collectors who have painted some of our miniatures, and you can see even more at the forum...
Medieval crusaders, medieval templar knight, medieval crusaders in holyland


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